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10 reasons why he will marry you

He will marry you when…

If you want a marriage proposal promptly from your
boyfriend, embrace these tips:

Appreciate his family:
Never make negative comments on mothers-in-law. Let him know his mother is as
special to you just as she is to him. 
Show love to his siblings too.
Don’t be bossy: When you make a man feel he is the head and not a
schoolboy, who, you can intimidate, he will start thinking of marrying you.
Don’t play hard-to-get:
What he wants is an honest straight-shooter.
Though he might be intrigued by a hard-to-get
in the beginning, as soon as he decides that he is interested in
her, he believes you should be real.
Never attempt to
change him:
Never attempt to change his friends
and his hobbies either. Some women claim to love a man ‘just the way he is’ but little by little, they want to change everything about him. First, it’s his
wardrobe, then; it’s his taste in music.
You are not
Learn to trust. A
woman is on edge always because she is very distrusting. Just
because you have been hurt in the past, don’t be on guard for anything that
looks or feels wrong. When a man first meets such a woman, he wants to reassure
her that he is nothing like that guy in her past.
You are not clingy:  Don’t be too difficult for a man to date, let
alone marry. At first, he is flattered that you are so in love with him and
wants to be around him always; but very quickly, he feels overwhelmed and
suffocated by you. As a woman, you must have something going on in your own
life so that you are not always clinging to him.
Don’t compare him with
your father:
Not all men like to be viewed as a
father figure. Initially, he might like how you seek his approval and answers
to all of your questions, but soon, he realises that he wants to be intimate with
a real woman.
Not tied to your
mother’s apron string:
A man can propose
to you when he realises you don’t call on your mother always to make a decision
on your affair with him. He gets scared the more when you cannot do without
getting her opinion on everything.
You don’t gossip: Most
guys are turned off when you always love to gossip and talk about other people.
Not only that, when you love to hear things about other people as well.
10.   Stop undue
lady, who is constantly talking about what other people do and what they have, places a lot of undue pressure
on her man.  Be yourself, live your size
per time and shun pretences.