You Washed Dirty Linen In Public—Charly Boy Scolds Tiwa/TeeBillz

For one who has been married for almost 40 years,Charles Oputa aka Charly
Boy, is in the best position to air his views on the Tiwa/TeeBillzgate. In his
Instagram post earlier today, the musician, who sounded miffed, said:

“I must confess that my heart breaks a little each time I hear/read
about celebrities who self destruct because they couldn’t handle Fame or the
ones whose marriages are falling apart, because they don’t know how to hold it
down. Its sad, especially if they are amongst stars that I admire and

Commenting on people’s private lives is a no go area for me. But when
celebrities wash their dirty linen in public I owe my reading fans to comment
on trending news and issues.

TeeBillz and Tiwa Savage una fall my hand no be small.
Una no know say MUTUAL RESPECT IS NON-NEGOTIABLE for marriage, why yeye una self
for public like this.
Una no know say competition na for business no be for marriage what’s the
Haba, una no just try.
I know that artiste/celebrities are more fragile than normal people. However
they must understand that they are role models to millions of people, so no
matter how deep you are hurting, you need to always come out strong. Celebs
must understand that their private life is their private life and they must
keep it to themselves. It will earn them more respect that way.
I know that people stay married because they want to not because the door is
Biko keep your shit to yourselves, keep your private, private.
No marriage can escape bad weather even my own, I dey sometimes see Oba for the
matter but like I say “marriage is not about being compatible but how
couples deal with their incompatibility. Make I no hear una problems for
loudspeakers again, joor.
AreaFada done talk him own.” (sic)

an interview I had with Charly Boy and Lady Diana aka Lady D about three years
ago in SUNDAY PUNCH, I asked after the staying power of their marriage and they

I guess we are two determined persons, who have vowed that
our marriage would be different. We talk a lot. We came into this marriage as
best friends and I’m glad it hasn’t changed at all. Charles is the first to say,
‘I’m sorry’, when he goofs and he is very sensitive to my feelings. His parents
have lived together for over 65 years, while mine have lived together for over
58 years. So why should ours be different?   We work very hard at keeping
it fresh and exciting.

 Charles: I come from a
rich heritage— the Oputas are known to make good husbands. In addition, my
private life and my public life cannot merge together because they won’t fit.
Lastly, I am not Charly Boy. We don’t let Charly Boy into our house. Anything
that concerns my family is very personal even though quite a lot has been written
too. When we have issues, even our kids in the house can’t tell something is
amiss and I never allow any issue drag over a day. If I get really upset and
angry, I go to my room and say nothing to her. She hates it! For me it’s just a
check, because when one is angry, you can say things that you don’t mean. That’s
why I shut up. My life as a husband, son and father is totally different from
my life as an entertainer. I was brought up with an overdose of morality and
strong family values.”