Yemi Solade, Wife’s Public Display Of Affection

For Nollywood actor,
Yemi Solade, marriage to his half-caste wife is blissful and he could not hide
this. For one who has had two failed marriages, you cannot blame him.
Today, on Instagram, he started by posting pictures of his beautiful wife
kissing him and vice versa. 
Captioning it as, “Peck Your Man, GOD No Go Vex!” He also captioned
another as, “EBONY
& IVORY…live together in perfect harmony.
The family picture he captioned as, “SOLADE GANG.”
 Of his pretty wife, he recalled in an interview
how he met her after asking God for a mate the third time: “When I met her, it
was her beauty that attracted me to her, I like every good thing of life, my
wife is beautiful, I said half caste, but I was afraid to talk to her because I
don’t have that kind of money she may want, but when I summoned the courage to
approach her, she shocked me with her simplicity and humility and we became friends
and later got married.”