Women Can Never Be Equal With Men—Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi

Olori Wuraola

Wife of the Ooni
of Ife, Yeyeluwa Wuraola Otiti, has waded into the much talked about gender
equality bill. She is not a follower of gender equality advocacy. Suggesting the
need to ignore the bill, she categorically stated that men and women cannot be

Speaking at the just concluded Emerging Women’s Forum, in Maryland, USA, Olori
Wuraola said with utmost regard to everyone, she has not been a fan of gender
equality because she thinks that limits women.
She categorically stated that her husband, the Ooni, has his role to play and
she has hers.
She said, “I am not a huge fan of gender equality. We can’t be equal, We can’t
be men. We have our roles to play here, a very pivotal one.”

Olori Wuraola being presented an award in the US

The queen further outlined the powerful roles women play and how women should
tap into their powers by exploring themselves in order to reach extraordinary
heights, as opposed to fighting for power with their male counterparts.
She said, “The modern pattern of feminism has succeeded in limiting women of the
heights they could reach; gender equality is unrealistic.
“We can never be equal with men, we are here for a great purpose, we have our
roles to play we are powerful and we are a force of nature.
“Relationships are suffering today, because women want to be men. You want to
be treated like a queen, but you don’t carry yourself like a Queen,” her
Majesty noted.

Olori Wuraola delivering her speech

Recall that actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde suggested in
an interview that women and men are not equal. Citing her marriage as an example,
the beautiful actress said two captains cannot be in a ship.

She said, “I don’t believe in gender equality. I do not
believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way. I believe that in
every organised institution, there is always a head and an assistant. It
doesn’t mean that one should take the other for granted, or disrespect the

Omotola Jalade-ekeinde

Meanwhile, actress
Uche Jombo-Rodriguez had condemned the speech of Olori Wuraola. To the mother
of one, the term, gender equality needs to be understood before anyone can
discuss the gender equality bill. Citing examples of marriage, workplace and
virginity, Uche said through her social media handle, “If I work for 3 hours
and a man works for 3 hours, we both deserve to get paid the same. A woman can
now decide that, Marriage shall mean Partnership, Friendship, companionship as
well as Passion; not slavery.

“I am not better,
wiser, stronger, more intelligent, or more responsible than a
man. Likewise, I am never less. If a man’s virginity cannot be tested on
the wedding night, mine shouldn’t be tested as well.

Because my husband has
authority in my home does not make me inferior. We are both equal in essence
and worth. Our responsibilities are just different

“It means that
my character/behaviour is solely guided by my principles not by society’s
expectation of how I “should” behave.

Uche Jombo

It means that I can
wear a crown too! Ask Queen Elizabeth. Your Royal Highness, do not
be deceived, your belief in this revolution has absolutely no bearing in
its movement. Stand tall, behind the king, watch as more women understand this
concept, watch as they break the glass ceiling, reaching straight for the
moon… and beyond…in their Louboutins.”