“Hello,” Is that Mr. X?
“Yes, please. Who is on the line?” he asked.
“We are detectives from xxxx police station in Yaba, Lagos. Your wife, Mrs.X, was just found dead in a  hotel room where, we learnt,  she came with a man. Though the man has escaped, the police are on his trail. Can you come over and identify her remains before we take her to the morgue?” came the voice of the phone.
Shock. Confusion. His mind raced million miles on what had happened.
 His wife? She just called him two hours ago that she was going to clear her goods at the port. How come she was at the hotel? With a man? 
“Please are you sure you know who you are talking about?” he asked the detective.
“Yes sir., we checked her call logs and saw your name and she called you two hours ago. We also saw the SMS you sent to her,” the dectective said.
Ok, I will be on my way,” he said.
He had sent the SMS 30 minutes after her call to him: “Please dearie, help me cook Nsala soup and make eba when you get home, I’m very hungry.”

  • Folks, what should he do? Dump her corpse at the morgue? Call her parents to come and take their unfaithful child’s corpse? Tell his firstborn, a 20-year-old graduate, to go and identify his mum at the morgue? Your comments are welcome.