Kim was ready for her date. Already, her FACEBOOK boyfriend, who she had never seen one-on-one, had inundated her with calls.
“I’m at the lobby, where are you?” he asked.
“I’m almost there,” Kim responded and walked towards the lobby. What she met surprised her.
“Oh no! This can’t be,” she thought as he walked towards her.

“Goodevening Kim,” he said leading her a table set for them.
Kim was dumbfounded. “How come your picture on Facebook is not who you are? You look so young and fair-complexioned on Facebook. But I’m faced with a much older guy,who is dark and not who I pictured in my head,”Kim commented.

“Well, that is my late brother’s picture. I lost him two years ago and decided putting him up as a memorial on my Facebook page,” he said nonchalantly.
“So, what’s your name? Kim asked.
“I’m Raheem, not Dash as I indicated on FB. I’m married, I’m 49 years and I live in ibadan. I had to change all my details because of my wife. She’s too nosey and I don’t want her to know my social media account,” he said.
Kim was confused. She wanted someone younger, not this person seated in front of her.
She paid for their meals. He didn’t come with much fund.
Disappointed again. She said:
“I’m going home.”
Why? I thought we are spending the night together,” he said.
“Who will pay for the room?” she asked angrily.
“I thought you came with enough money. I can’t afford this hotel,” he said.
To be continued