Kim had
been married for 8 years. One of the lucky few to have a good home, her
friends envied her. But Kim is about collapsing her home. A
businesswoman, she was doing well and often travelled abroad to get her

Her husband, Ken, supported her business but disliked his rival– Kim’s phone.
‘She can spend hours unending with that phone,” the husband lamented.
“Kim would chat on wasapp with her friends till the early hours of
dawn. She could be on Facebook and Instagram and not cook on time. I ate
dinner at 10pm last night because she was busy chatting with her
friends! Even in church, she would be on her phone till we share the
Grace! I hate her phone and I don’t think I can cope with this
nonsense,” said Ken.
“He just wants 100 per cent attention which I can’t give him because I am overworked in this house,” Kim retorted.
“Is that why you sit all through the night with your phone, giggling, laughing and smiling? ” asked Ken.
“I know what to do,” a furious Kim said.
Her next step was shocking.

After her husband’s outburst,
Kim made a decision.

“Ken wants all the attention
and I don’t think he can get that from me after eight years of marital life,”
she lamented to one of her friends.
“He has to realise that you
have your life to live, not his all the time,” one of them responded.
“He is no longer a baby and
should not expect you to be tending to his needs always,” said another angrily.
“I think the best bet is to
have a steward that would be cooking his meals and serving him whenever you are
busy at the shop or keeping up with friends on social media,” another chipped
“I have a maid who attends to
all of them whenever I am not around,” Kim replied.
“Maybe you will have to
increase the number of times you make love every week,” said a friend of hers
who is a married woman.
“Sex? We make love but I have
tried reducing the number of times we do that weekly,” Kim said.
“Why?” asked her friends.
“We’ve been married for eight
years, courted for two years and by now, I think and believe that we should be
relaxing on sex. Abeg make Ken no come turn me to an old hag o! Too much of sex
is bad,” Kim said.
“I don’t think so, it boosts
your level of intimacy and your husband would not go astray,” her friends said.
“There is this guy that
admires me on FACEBOOK. He is cool, handsome and has a good business. He has
been sending messages to me and I think I like him,” Kim said.
“Well, I don’t support
extra-marital affairs and I don’t think any useless guy on FACEBOOK is worth
your marriage. I don’t think you should continue chatting with him.” Her friend
“Well, the advice is coming
very late; I have a date with him next Saturday,” Kim revealed.
She looked forward to the
date— bought a new dress, wore a new hair style and was at the gym to shed off
some flesh.

She kept in touch with the guy on Wasapp and FACEBOOK and on
Saturday, she was at the agreed hotel for the date.

What and who she met shocked
her.