Why I’m Hiding My Lover From Social Media—Bukky Wright

She must be right after all.

Recent happenings in marriages have proved Bukky Wright right.

In a recent interview, the Nollywood actress, advised other celebrities to be careful on the personal information they post on social media.

Her reasons? Such information, she explained, could be so sensitive to the extent of causing a blockage in their career later in life.


Citing her case as an example, the pretty mother of two said, “I am a perfect example of one out of many celebrities who never post private life affairs on social media.

“I’m very careful about what I post on social media. I post what is needed to be posted and not frivolities. I don’t have to post, especially, if it has to do with my private life.” It’s my private life and I believe my private life should remain private.”

The actress said many celebrities still go ahead to wash their dirty linens in the public, especially, on social media platform.

“I try not to share many things, because one thing about too much information is that when it gets back at you, not everybody wants to know why you shared it.

“I will rather not put very sensitive things out there just to avoid mishaps,” Wright said.
Having done a good job in hiding her current lover from the media, Bukky Wright said, “There’s nothing wrong with you being in love with the right person. Love is a beautiful thing.”