Why I Don’t Allow Men Visit Me At Home—Waje

Born Aituaje Iruobe, she is one of the
celebrated female hip pop stars in Africa. One of the judges in a TV reality
talent hunt game, “Voice Nigeria”, Waje reveals in an interview with Genevieve
magazine, her life as a single mum of a 17-year-old daughter.  

She said, “Yes I’ve been dating. And there’s definitely a difference. One, you can
never come to my house. I’ll never introduce you to my daughter. Because you
don’t want to bring up a child in an environment where she thinks that it is
okay to have men come in and go out of your life.
Waje and daughter
“So it’s a rule. I don’t care how close you are to me, you can’t come to
my house. After her father, since I started dating, my daughter has only seen
one person and after that person she’s never met another person again. But I
try and give her a father figure. So I create role models around her. I’ll have
her go and spend time with my pastor’s family so she can have a “family”

Waje with other judges on Voice Nigeria