Why I Can Never Forgive My Husband

Dear Kemi,
I have been married for two and a half years with two kids. Some few months ago, my husband slapped me in public and I don’t know why he did that. I have tried to forgive him but it is so hard for me and I can’t even forget because he did not apologise. Recently, I saw a message on his phone to a lady and he was professing his love for her. Really, I don’t understand what is happening, what do I do?
Marriage is a covenant, where two people vow to love each other in spite of all odds till death separate them. It is also the co-habiting of two forgivers, who have learnt to live with their likes/dislikes and personality traits. By now, you should know the elastic limit of your husband’s tolerance and know what to do or say that would not make him hit you either in private or public. I am sure you are amazed that a once-loving husband could turn out to be a batterer and womanizer. You have to exercise patience and don’t wait for his apology before you forgive him. Don’t discuss anything with him until you observe he is in the best of moods. This is just one of the teething problems in a young marriage. You have to be patient.