Why Bukola and Toyin Saraki Are Not Making ‘Noise’ On Daughter’s Wedding

The Senate President Bukola Saraki and his wife Toyin backed away from putting out information about the upcoming marriage of their eldest daughter on social media.
Toyin Saraki, founder of Wellbeing Africa, took to social to announce being delighted by the “engagement and upcoming nuptial ceremonies of our eldest daughter and her fiance.”SARAKI2

The post, directed to her Twitter handle @toyinsaraki, showed both mother and daughter in a photo.

During the recent launch of a vaccination bracelet by Alma Sana, Saraki memorably said she had “mothered for years” and was “looking forward to grandmothering.”

Families of the bride and groom both “deeply” appreciated the congratulations, wishes and prayers from all over.

But the mother of the bride said the families “will not be releasing any further details at this time, in respect of the couple-to-be’s privacy.”
The comments didn’t turn well-wishers off. It simply unleashed a growing litany of congrats and more prayers for the couple.