What You Never Knew About Jenifa’s Diary ‘Adaku’s’ Love Life @ 40

She is Omotunde Adebowale David.

Adebowale David 5
An On-Air Personality, she is also a stand-up comedian.

Also called aka Lolo 1, she is a divorced mother of two boys.

Life as a single mum, she says is “one of the most challenging things I have ever faced and I am writing a book because a lot of people demonize single moms. There is no rule book that tells you this is how you should go about it, you learn as you grow older. You face a lot of challenges. What I do is focus on the important which is the up-bringing of my children.”
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She says she is still a friend of her estranged husband. “In my case, my kids’ father and I talk; we have a good relationship. But the only thing is that we don’t live in the same house and the kids relate well with both parents,” Adaku explains.

She says she wants to be married again.
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Her kind of man? “I would love to be married again. I won’t tell you if I am waiting for it to come. I am just asking God to help me get through this. However, if I meet someone I consider good enough, that would understand me; of course, I will be willing to try again because marriage is a great institution.”

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She clocked 40 years on April 27, 2017.