What You Didn’t Know About Nollywood Actress Shirley Igwe’s Love Life + Stunning Photos

The Nollywood actress, who is a former Principal Protocol Officer, to the Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha clocked 30 years on April 2.


Shirley Igwe reveals her brassiere size. She said, “My bra cup is 42c. I shower three times a day and I brush after a meal.”17587058_1475002949208716_1222837726735237120_n

She is in a serious relationship that may get her into the next level. Who is the lucky beau? An actor?

Shirley Igwe
Shirley Igwe

She said, “I would want someone with a different profession. Not like one can’t fall in love and marry an actor. If I wasn’t with my man now, I would be hoping to marry someone with a different profession. Marrying an actor has its advantages because he would understand your work unlike someone who is not an actor. Even at that, it’s not enough reason for me to marry a man because he understands. I see my fellow actors as colleagues.”

Her birthday message? “I look back to my life these past years and there’s so much to be thankful for. Through the highs and lows my Lord and savior Jesus Christ has been there for me and always be there for me. Glad to be a light and salt in my generation.”