We’re Sorry: Femi Gbajabiamila’s Sibling Apologise On His Behalf

Dear Friends,
Ordinarily I wouldn’t comment on the social media frenzy about my brother’s gift to his wife of 26yrs, but this is no ordinary frenzy but a vicious attack on a man who has and is always working so hard to help not only the members of his Surulere 1 constituency but the citizens of this nation, Nigeria as a whole. My brother and his wife are gutted and pained about all that has been written in the past 48hours.
A thanksgiving breakfast celebration with a few family members and ‘close’ friends has been interpreted as a show of wealth with such distaste. To say we are pained is an understatement.
We as a family, and I believe to an extent, my brother Femi, underestimated who he is as a political figure, as a role model, and a revered politician.
So many false statements have been made but to address them will be dignifying such statements.
A highly regarded house leader, Femi has the utmost respect for all his colleagues in the house as well as the members of the senate and this focus on the NASS through the unwitting fallout from his wife’s birthday celebration is highly regrettable. Sorry for this.
To his constituents, we encourage them to remember all the projects that Surulere 1 has benefitted before, now, and will continue to benefit as he works tirelessly for them.
From boreholes to solar panels. From payment of jamb forms for all eligible students to personally teaching in various schools. Not to mention the provision of over 500 laptops to school children. Annual free medical care. Poverty alleviation. Empowerment programs to name a few.

A few months ago he gave out cars worth over 50 million naira.

On June 1st 2018 the youth groups will be receiving buses, motorcycles and okadas worth over N100million, this was planned months ago.
Needless to say these few things I have listed will not be commented on because it’s not salacious or interesting and naysayers only want to comment on the negative.
Femi has not stolen nor embezzled any money. He was not showing off wealth nor is he insensitive to the economic plight of Nigerians as the country recovers from the recession caused by the former government. As I stated earlier a private party in his house turned into a public social media frenzy.
The Gbaja-biamila family is a respectable family and as Lagosians we give our best public service when the opportunity arises to make not only the state but the nation great.
Crucifying Femi for a lapse in judgment will not change that.
To Femi’s supporters and mentors who have been embarrassed or upset by this unfortunate incident I say sorry and a lesson has been learnt.
To all those who have shown concern we say thank you. Thank you for all the advice, encouragement and prayers. God bless you all.
Femi is and will always be a loyal, valuable, hardworking member of APC.
God bless Surulere, God bless Lagos and God bless Nigeria.