Toyin Lawani Accused of Kidnapping Her Own Son! You’re Mad—Toyin

An Instagram user took to the photo-sharing site and accused celebrity stylist cum businesswoman, Toyin Lawani of kidnap reports Kemiashefonlovehaven.
Toyin and Lord Maine (4)

According to @okafor.stella_Breakthrough_prayer, Lord Maine, who is Toyin’s son was hers before Toyin ‘abducted’ him! Sharing one of the videos of Lord Maine for Pay Porte advertising materials, she wrote:

Make una dey see madame kidnapper child abductor @tianahplace empire so na my son you and @payporte use in feeding wait for it since police it’s your boyfriend and you are untouchable wait we shall see. Soon the whole nigeria will mourn you.” (sic)
Toyin and Lord Maine (2)
A furious Toyin Lawani replied her:
When They see you Doing Great,They will want to distract you,with Baseless lies,Don’t ever get distracted from your Goals,success comes with a lot of Devils,you have to Be strong enough to fight for what’s yours,That was then this is now,im a warrior,been through hell and Back,so nothing can jomiloju mo,No weapon fashioned Against me and my family shall prosper,now i see why a lot of celebrities hide their kids off social media,damnnnn it’s a crazy place?Too many deranged people out there man,you have failed, claiming my son,that i laboured for 9months for,with my fibriod sickness i carried my child in pain,may the lord kill you where you stand,this 50naira credit some people can buy is really problem o, said,may lighten from Baba God destroy you,any evil sitting in a corner plotting and scheming against my kids& my success will persish in jesus Name,Every level you Attain you have a new enemy everyday,my mom said this but didn’t believe her then,jeez?People will always misjudge and misunderstand you,Keep working hard,don’t let them Discourage you or bully you into hiding your various talents from the world,fear is not in my dictionary,ive Grown, kids change us,But i’m also wise enough to Be prayerful,to protect and Guide my steps,cause some people will stop at nothing just to see you distraught,Not me,i’ve been through it all,name it,They keep trying me,i keep looking at them,hmmmn when it comes to my kids???i don’t joke,it’s like a lion sleeping and you go and step on its tail?may we reap the fruit of our labour,in jesus Name,with God all things are possible,when they realize they did all they could to stop you,the will take the Bad route,you have failed,watch @tiannahsEmpirerealitytvshow the truth will Reveal itself,only a stupid person will Believe in crap. such crap,you think you are stopping me but you don’t even know you are making my son more popular,thank you o jare,if the boys swag is sweeting you,Go and Born your own now,not too hard.Rubbish.
Toyin and Lord Maine (1)

“Too many psycho people out there,she said her son is FOUR YEARS OLD,fyi my son is 3years old,she said she gave birth to the baby in okija forest,i had my baby in Queens hospital u.k.,she sent messages to several companies that endorsed me and my son,claiming she will take them to court,??? But they are not stupid ??they just laughed,that’s what happens when the grace of God is on you,no man can stop your greatness if you have God,Really wow so my son is giving you that much headache,clap for yourself,picking on an innocent child,may God expose you,i know for sure the Bad cant go unpunished,pls report this page,i will not stop my son from Greatness cause it makes someone uncomfortable,or hide my kids various talent cause of fear ask beyoncé she went through it all,Smart people who have proof see beyond lies,you have failed my dear,i have videos of my sons birth and pictures,na london wey get law, i wan steal person pikin,wait o abi your baby daddy too was stolen, Mad world we live.” (sic)

Toyin Lawani had her baby boy, Lord Maine, three years ago when she got pregnant for a younger lover, who is now her baby daddy, Lord Triggs.
The two called it quits in 2015.
They named their son, Oluwatenola Jermaine.