Tonto Dikeh: Things Women Do When In Love

They live a life of lies.

Tonto Dikeh remains the darling of many Nollywood fans worldwide. Pretty and talented, she wowed everyone in 2015 when she decided marrying Oladunni Churchill—this was after series of heartbreaks from some celebs she wined and dined with.

Indeed, everyone believed and saw that Tonto had changed! Now calmer, motherly and ‘wifely’, all her posts on social media especially on Instagram spoke all that you needed to know.

The one that caught attention was her ‘dotting’ husband. From all her posts, she created a man who was everything a woman wanted—loving, generous, a giver of gifts and who took his family on vacation always.

But unfolding events in the last couple of weeks in this celebrity marriage has spelt that all that glitter is not gold. From infidelity to domestic violence, to a lifestyle that is subtly laced with lies, and a husband that is not as fantastic as everyone thought.

Then, fans and followers are treated to series of videos on a wife that wasn’t as calm as pictured, who sought refuge in destroying valuables whenever an attack came from King Kong!

So, the celestial Tonto and Olakunle’s marriage was like most ‘terrestrial marriages’ without the made-in-heaven tag?

A follower on IG confronted her recently after she posted about ‘someone’ being a psychopath. He wrote:

The fact that you lied to your fans and followers about being in a comfortable relationship and using you’re your media power to hype the so called psychopaths (which Tonto called her husband and family members) is an abuse on everybody. Yeah, it feels so good when you started dating him, but I am sure you can tell at some point that it doesn’t feel right but you choose to push on with it….” (sic)

Then, Tonto Dikeh came out clean and apologized for telling lies about her crashed marriage. She wrote:

“That am really sorry I did…I didn’t do it to fool no one, I wanted this man to grow and it worked. People don’t associate with losers or not relevant people…I have no excuse for my behaivour but my intentions here was solely to help a man grow!!!” (sic)