Tonto Dikeh Reveals: “How I Beg My Husband For Sex, He Took My Car & I Now Depend On Taxis”

To anyone, Tonto enjoyed a sizzling sex life in her marriage to estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill.

But the reverse is the case.

Just like On-Air Personality, Toke Makinwa, who also confessed that she was begging for sex from her husband, Maje Ayida; screen goddess, Tonto Dikeh, who was married to Olakunle Churchill for two years before the wedding packed up early 2017, also revealed she begged for sex!

Moreover, Tonto said life as a single mum has robbed her of some luxuries—she now depends on chartered cabs to run her daily activities.

In an interview with MRH, an online lifestyle magazine, the mother of one revealed that:

“I was stupidly in love with this man, I was stupidly. I was stupidly in love with him no matter what he did. No matter what, he could never do wrong in my eyes, as long as he was just hurting me and me alone. The day I said I was never going to take this again was the day he hit my child. No, He didn’t do it mistakenly.”

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Ask if he didn’t want the pregnancy and she said:

“He was the one who wanted this pregnancy more than I wanted it. He loved the idea of having a family, of being with me. I know how much he begged me to marry him. I know how much he begged me to have his baby. But when the baby came, he hated my son so much. It was like I gave birth to a monster. Kunle has never held my baby for more than five minutes. At some point in my marriage, I gave up on myself; I gave up on asking my husband to love me, to be with me, to make love to me. I gave up on all that and just asked him to be a father.”

On why she blocked Churchill from having access to her son, she explained:
“I refused him from seeing my son for my son’s safety. He has my son’s passport and I knew he wanted to see my son because he wanted to see me. The first time he suggested seeing my son, it ended up about us and I didn’t want that. I also don’t trust him at all. I don’t know what he is going to do or who he is taking my son to. If his mother was around, I would not have a problem with it, she could have taken care of my son. I could release my son to him because he had my son’s passport and I knew he was going to run away with him. But I did leave lines open t him. Not my personal line because, like I said, I blocked him away from every form of communication to have my sanity and state of mind. Every time I opened the line to talk to him, he begged and begged.”

Tonto"s son
Tonto”s son

On the car that he presented to his son on his birthday, Tonto disclosed:
car tonto

“My husband never bought a car for my son on his birthday. The picture shown on the Internet is an old picture. I took that picture. That’s not the same car, that car is not a GMC. I live with my son and I do not own a car. I live on Uber (chartered taxi) and that’s how I take my son to school and bring him back. That’s how I run my home right now; we do not have any car owned by my husband with us.”