Toke Makinwa Says, “I’m Done With Married Men’

The pretty
On-Air Personality spoke on her latest Vlog
her crashed marriage. 

Maintaining a rational and unemotional stance, Toke, who has been tagged a power dresser said, “For those who feel I have not spoken about my
marriage, you know what happened last year. It is with good reason. I
want to talk about it from a rational point and not an emotional stance because it’s tough.

“If you’ve ever been through a separation,
heartbreak or whatever, you know how difficult it is. And this was very
public and so I went through a lot of stages and I’m still going through

“I can’t sit here and tell you I’m completely whole or this
doesn’t affect me anymore. I still feel somewhat shy; I’m trying to come
out of my shell about it because I mean you share your life with me and I
feel it’s a great disservice to not even talk about it.”

“So in
due time, just know I’m going through the process and every week I
come here I smile, we connect that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own
issues. It’s just that I have chosen not to be a victim. I’ve chosen to
just rise above it and just keep rising.”
The radio presenter who works at Rhythm 93.7FM however, talked about some men she met last
Saturday. According to her, she kicked off a deep conversation with one of the ‘cool’ ones, only for
her to later learn that he was married.

She said, “Ladies, until you leave your husband because he has another
woman, you never know how life truly is. Some single girls will tell you to leave
your marriage, that there are men out there who will want you.

“But the reality is, most real rich men above 30 are either married or will
not marry another man’s wife. So, in most cases you’ll meet married men or
single guys who don’t have cash as much as you want, or guys who have money but
their agenda is just to be sleeping with you, claiming they love you until they
get enough of what they want and show you their true intentions. You can’t hold
such guys with pregnancy.”

Toke parted ways with her husband, Maje Ayida, last year because another lady, Anita Solomon, had a baby
for him.

On the men she met last Saturday, she said,

“Why would I waste two hours chatting with a married man? Why would I
waste my cute outfit, sitting here, sitting with a married man? Your husband is
yours; another lady should not make you leave your home. But it’s your choice
to make.”