Toke Makinwa Called Off Marriage Weeks Before They Married

The leaked divorce papers put paid to all that radio/TV
presenter Toke Makinwa, had been insinuating for some days about her marriage
to Maje Ayida—its’s over!
The pretty power-dresser had filed a divorce suit
against her estranged husband in a Lagos court and she had instituted Maje and his
Baby Mama, Anita Solomon, as respondents.
From the petitions filed, Toke said it all—Maje was
unfaithful, the marriage ceased to exist on November 8, 2015 when she could not
stand the repeated adulterous acts of the man. 
He had a baby outside their marriage. To Toke, this was a deliberate act
because he funded his baby mama (Anita Solomon) trip abroad to have the baby
and kept sending money even when they (Maje and Toke) were almost evicted from
their Lagos home! He abused her physically; she spent her money on him, while
he spent his on his Baby mama and love child. Maybe the last straw was the
N20million endorsement deal she lost as a result of the love child scandal.

Maybe what many would not know is the fact that Toke
had called off the relationship before their January 15th wedding.
In an interview Toke granted SUNDAY PUNCH in the
December 15, 2013 edition, she told the interviewer that she had called off the
then 12-year-old relationship with Maje. According to Toke, the relationship
was not meant to be.
She said, “I was once in a long term relationship with
Maje Ayida and it has come to an end. I think it’s unfair for me to speak about
our relationship because he is not here to defend himself. He is an amazing guy
but it was not meant to be. It’s strange being single again but I am taking it
one step after the other. One of the mistakes I made in my last relationship is
that we dated for a long time. They were amazing years but they were also 12
long years. When you are faithful to someone, know what you can tolerate.”

The 31-year-old Idanre Ondo State-born Toke must indeed
have discovered some things about her husband-to-be and called off the
engagement. She meant what she said and would not have joked with such statement in a national newspaper! Maybe she was prevailed upon because after the publication, she got
married to the same guy three weeks after! Though the wedding had no pomp (just
a private ceremony) the divorce brouhaha now could have been averted if she had
stuck to her guns.
What is her idea of a Mr. Right? “My Mr. Right has to
be God-fearing, who would not do certain things because he is God-fearing. He
has to understand what I do and must not be selfish in any way.”
Then, as a single gal, she revealed that she was not
pressurised to marry. “I am not under any pressure to get married. It’s the
society that puts pressure on women not minding that divorce rates are high,”
she said.