Tiwa/TeeBillz: When Did DJ Freeze become so garrulous?

It’s shocking that some so called journalists are throwing
caution to the wind. They care less about the ethics of the profession but
would rather clamour to be seen as celebrities. They have refused to draw the
line between professionalism and sensationalism, which causes a
manipulation to the truth of any story.
A radio reporter who works with COOL FM
radio, Freeze kick-started his thirst to become more popular by writing a
letter to Tiwa Savage, lambasting her on what transpired between the songstress
and her estranged husband, TeeBillz.
Blogosphere went agog with his ‘epistle’.
Then some hours later, this same Freeze went on ai
r and
started talking about a ‘good Tiwa Savage’ who called him, addressing him in
the Yoruba language and was quite respectful to him.
Then he asked for prayers for the couple.
He has become so garrulous and went on Instagram today to post,
 “BREAKING: TBillz tests negative
for hard drugs!  This comes from an unconfirmed source, who saw them at a
lab in VI. Furthermore, an insider who chose to remain anonymous, said he
tested negative to cocaine and every other hard drug. We should continue to
keep them in our prayers as we await a proper confirmation from his camp!” (sic)
How professional is this Freeze? Just creating
sensationalism from the troubles of a distressed couple?
Meanwhile, Freeze, whose name is Ifedayo
Olarinde, had a troubled marriage two years ago.  When Yes
, a magazine, called him before it went to press on Wednesday
October 22, 2014, at exactly 1.57pm, on matters arising in his marriage, he
first queried whether that was the only reason Yes International called. And
when Yes International responded in the affirmative, he said: “You called to
ask about the challenges in my marriage? Do you have work? Common!”
Then the magazine staff reminded him that by calling him, he
was doing his work, and professionally too, Freeze replied, “Why can’t you talk about national
issues? I think you should concern yourself more as a fellow journalist on
finding out where the girls are. That’s Bring Back Our Girls. Go and face that
one. There is nothing wrong. Okay!”
DJ Freeze
I think at this juncture I should say, ‘Please hypocrites should hands off Tiwa Savage/TeeBillz’ marriage.’
Let this couple sort out these issues privately. Tiwa isn’t
happy (no woman in this condition is anyway) her husband is also traumatised. The
Baby Mama, Dr. Vivian Oputa is in hell and dealt with most of her fans on
Instagram by deleting them and their messages. Tiwa is said to be crying
everyday and attempted calling off music temporarily to care for her baby.
Enough of this madness which the couple started and I am
sure they are regretting it now. That’s the reward of washing their dirty linen
on social media platforms.
Freeze, stop this garrulousness and behave just llike
professionals in your office are trained to be.
I rest my case.