Tee Mac Iseli’s Lacks Love Life?

This flutist and former president of Performing
Musicians Association of Nigeria, Tee Mac Iseli, is blessed with good looks. The
accomplished act has mastered the art of looking good and this he puts to
decent use at functions he attends.
Recently on his Facebook
page, he lamented the loss of his dog, Obama. A lover of dogs, this once again
put his love life on the burner. Not a few are wondering why his love life has
been shrouded in secrecy ever since his celebrated romance with former beauty
queen, Susan Hart, hit the rocks. Susan has been married to Olorogun Sunny Kuku
for almost two years now.
For Tee Mac, there seems
to be no woman but just his dogs.Meanwhile, the handsome
flutist will be 68 years in two days (May 17) but he does not look his age.
wonder, he said to his friends on Face book, “Everywhere I go people are just
asking me the same question. Next week, May 17th, I will be 68 years
old and I feel not older than 40.

Here is
my secret: plenty of water, three to four times a day; a large glass of Green
tea (cooled down) with fresh Ginger (cleanses the system), no red meat (only
fish occasionally) seldom soft drinks (too much sugar) and only very seldom a
glass of wine or Hennessey with Coke. One hour minimum of exercise everyday.
That’s all. Fruits and vegetable, some multi vitamins. The photos below were
taken this morning when I did my weigh and flute work out. Have a blessed
Sunday everybody.” (sic).