“Tee A Doesn’t Joke At Home” Says Wife, Kehinde

May 19 is their wedding anniversary. Just a few hours ago, he sent this
message to his wife on Instagram:

“Baby, 11 beautifully amazing, sometimes challenging, yet fulfilling
years. Through it all, we ride on, trusting only in the Lord. I wouldn’t trade
it for anything else. Thanks for being the perfect partner and the wind beneath
my wings.”

Tunde Adewale aka Tee A the Comedian, not only has a perfect partner, the
‘wind beneath his wind’ is Kehinde, whom he met while at the university. 

In an interview with Kemi Ashefon, the couple let out secrets of their joyful

Tee A
reminisced that,We met in
school, the University of Lagos, Akoka. We started as friends for about five
years. Then, we dated for another five years. So, we have had a 10-year
relationship before we got married.”

Kehinde also recalled that, “He was my elder sister’s
friend and we met on campus. We all got along well. His proposal was very
unconventional. I even thought he was joking.”

How has she been able to cope with him as a comedian? 

The pretty wife responded, “It has been fun. Though not a roller coaster ride
since he is always very busy, we are great friends and understand each other
very well. Aside being a comedian, he also has other sides that I do enjoy—he
is a fantastic cook and gives me special treats from time to time.”

How do they spend time together as a couple?

Tee A, who also anchors a television show, revealed the couple’s way of relaxing:

“That is a tough one. Let’s just say that anytime I am
not busy, we try to spend it together. I operate a very hectic schedule between
anchoring events and producing my TV show, so it can be very demanding. Hence, once
I’m not booked for events or filming, I’m always at home. 

How does Kehinde cope with her husband’s female fans?
She said, “He is actually a very friendly and nice person, even to his male
friends. Whenever we go out together, I am accustomed to him stopping to greet
the ‘whole world’ before we even get to our seats.

Does her husband get angry?

She said, “He rarely gets angry but I know he detests laziness.”

 But she makes
him happy. How?

“I am his personal comedian at home and I try to spoil
him a little sometimes too. Above all, I just try to be the best friend, a wife
and mother to him,” she said.

Tee A confessed that he gets his wife angry when, “I
just take off my shirt, drop it on the sofa and leave my shoes somewhere else. I
would just generally scatter the house, and then she gets angry.”

Apologies are needed for any relationship to move on. How
do they do theirs?

Tee A said, “I just smile and say, ‘sorry.’ I have this
cute baby face which I put on whenever I am saying sorry. Then, she smiles and
says, ‘Please just put those things back to where you took them.’

Do they spend time alone?

Tee A replied, “We both love travelling for holidays
but we are only able to do that once a year because of my work schedule.
However, we just make the moment count wherever we are at any point in time. As
long as we are together, we are cool.”

Kehinde revealed that her husband is not as humorous at
home as he appears to his fans.

She said, “He doesn’t joke so much at home, but when he
wants to play, he behaves like a child. Most times, he would rather relax with
me and we watch Arsenal matches together.”

She agreed that marriage has added value to her life.
Kehinde says, “It has been a very worthwhile journey. I must say that I am
blessed to have met such a wonderful man who supports all my dreams and tries
to make me a better person.

couple now shared the secret of their successful marriage:

secret is simply making God the beginning and the end of your
relationship.  Also, being each other’s
best friend helps.”

wishes them more fruitful years ahead