Shonde: More Women Will Still Die

“Sister Shonde, you cannot leave Mr Monster. In the book of apostle Paul to….he says God hates divorce. Your marriage is an example in this church, endure and my God shall take control,” Pastor said.
Shonde went back home. She endured like the virtuous wife. They settled the rift. The couple attended parties together, took pictures,shared on Facebook instagram and twitter. They “lived happily ever after” to outsiders but Mr Monster was beating her at home. Thank God for nake-up, by the time she applied a nice foundation, lipstick, blush and arched her eyebrow, she looked good, took a selfie and everyone thought all was well.
“My husband made breakfast for me in bed,” she heard her colleagues discussed in the office.
“Oh! We just returned from London on a short vacation with the kids. Its good to be married,”another female colleague said.
So, she stayed put. Nobody wants to be the black sheep in the office.
“Ore, you better not leave y home, what will people say?
That you left Mr. Monster? They will call you a prostitute and my husband will not allow us be friends again o. You see how people treat divorced
women in our society,”her friend said.
Shonde became confused, afraid, stayed and bore it till last Friday when her spirit gave up the fight.
Who’s next? More women will die as long as the society doe not set their souls and minds free– marriage is not to be endured. Leave before your life leaves you.
Note: this is an opinion piece