Shina Peters Now With Another Woman, Dumps Sammie

Sir Shina Peter with Olajumoke

fans sensed that the Afro juju maestro, Sir Shina Peter, was married to another
woman in 2013. That year, the musician was a guest at the COSON Awards night
held at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos and he came with a woman. Not his wife Sammie, the lady was dressed in a white
Grecian dress and was on the red carpet with him. She was with him all through
the event and when photographers asked her name, she simply said, “Jummy
Peters.” As she waited for Peters to exchange pleasantries with colleagues and
journalists, she then made a phone call and was talking to her child that, “I’d
soon be home, I’m with Daddy.”

Sir Shina Peters and older wife, Sammie

With Sammie when she was ill

story fizzled out when news of Sammie Peters down with cancer filtered to town.
It was no rumour and Shina Peters made it seem like his life would be over if Sammie
dies of cancer.
year, he stood by her, professing his undying love for her while assuring her
that she would survive. He even dedicated a song to her during the 70th
birthday celebration of his colleague, Emperor Wale Olateju, where he sang
“Sammy ko ni ku o’ which means, ‘Sammy will not die.’
to a story posted in The CAPITAL, Sammie eventually
beat the disease but soon after she returned to Nigeria following her
successful treatment of the disease abroad, Shina deserted her. The Afrojuju
maestro allegedly abandoned the woman to whom he professed undying love for his
new heartthrob, Olajumoke, who he attends social functions with.
on the other hand, is not happy about her husband betrayal as it is barely six
months since she got back from America where she received her treatment. She
has however, been left to lament her fate in silence.
friends and family of the couple are unhappy with Shina over his shabby
treatment of his wife. Some of them are of the opinion that Shina has proven
himself to be a man without conscience. According to them, his action bespeaks
ingratitude and callousness to a woman who picked him up from scratch and
invested in his dreams of greatness. Sammie was allegedly captivated by Shina’s
lyricism and vocal dexterity thus she bankrolled his music career just when he
floundered about in his youth in search of relevance and a deep pocket producer
cum benefactor.

Picture Sammie shared three days ago

a very close source to Shina argued that the musician couldn’t have publicised
his affair with his new bride, without the approval of Sammie, his first wife.
According to the source, cancer treatment takes a great toll on victims of the
disease; sometimes, this makes it impossible for the sufferers to engage in
normal human activities, sex inclusive. This perhaps necessitated a gentlemen’s
agreement between Shina and Sammie concerning the musician’s need to satisfy
his sexual needs outside their marriage. Whatever the truth is, it is an open
secret that Sammie Peters is unhappy with her husband’s brazen frolicking with
his new sweetheart.
Meanwhile three day ago, May 31, Shina celebrated his 58th
birthday and his older wife, Sammie posted a throwback picture of their wedding
21 years ago on her Instagram page.