5 Secrets Couple Keep From Each Other Till Death

1. Kate and Mike just celebrated the 10th
anniversary of their wedlock but without any child.But I have a son living with my mother in the village,”
Mike revealed. According to him, the boy was a product of an affair he had with
a girl his mother introduced to him. “After four years of waiting for a child,
my mother arranged a girl for me in the village and she got pregnant. Though
the traditional wedding rites have been performed on my behalf, I have told
Mama that I cannot marry two wives and she has to stay with her in the village.
The agreement has been working and the girl is expecting my third baby now. But
how do I tell my loving Kate that another woman is in my life? She has been
with me through thick and thin. I’d rather die with this secret than shatter
her heart.”
2. Abel and Anne would always say they can never keep
anything from each other. They have been married for 12 years and seemed to
have told each other everything. “But I have not told her that the boy, who
lives with my brother and his wife, who I refer to as my nephew, is actually my
son!” he said.
“Luckily for me, the boy had always lived with my brother
because I had no job when his mother abandoned him with me. We were never
married but she got pregnant and could not abort it. Though he looks like me,
other children of my brother also look like him. I also have a striking
resemblance with my brother. If I tell my wife now, she could file for a
divorce. I wish I could tell her but I can’t.”
3. Nneka, 34 is happily married to Emeka.  They have three children but Nneka has a
secret about one of them: “I was impregnated by a boy 20 years ago. Then, I was
still in secondary school and he did not accept paternity. Meanwhile, a pastor
told me not to have an abortion. Later, a friend of mine advised that I looked
for someone that would accept the pregnancy. 
So, I allowed another man sleep with me and he married me and we had two
other children after my firstborn. The problem now is that the first man, who
impregnated me, is asking for his baby! I am troubled. What would happen if I
reveal this to my husband, who believes all the three children are his? What
happens to my marriage? Where would I place my face in the society? I am dying every
day since this matter occurred.”
4. Mike and Lovett have been married for five years. The
couple had a mutual friend, Lawrence, who introduced them to each other. “How
do I tell Mike that I was dating Lawrence before he introduced us to each other?
Then, Lawrence and I had planned to get married but along the line, he became
unfaithful to me and dated another lady, who got pregnant for him. He dumped me,
married her and to compensate me, he introduced me to his friend who later
married me. After my marriage, we had made love several times and I always feel
bad whenever I see him with my husband. Though we have not had any intercourse
since I had my last child (which was ten months ago) I am sure Lawrence wants
me and I don’t know how to stop this nonsense,” Lovett said.
5. Ted and Maria got married 17 years ago. Though he is truly
in love with his wife, he had a secret he kept from her. “How do I tell Maria
that my cousin, Bims, has been my lover for over 22 years? Though my wife is
close to Bims and believes we are related, Bims is not my cousin. She just grew
up in our neighbourhood and her family and mine became very close. I had been
sleeping with her from her teenage years but I can’t explain why we didn’t both
get married to each other. We are both married and our spouses and children are
close to one another. Till date, we still make love and talk about our
marriages,” Ted confessed.
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