Real Reasons Actress Toyin Abraham Isn’t Proud To Flaunt Her ‘New’ Nollywood Husband, Kola Ajeyemi

The photos of their traditional wedding/introduction shared last week on social media by her ‘new’ husband, Kolewole Ajeyemi, an actor, went viral.

Kola Ajayemi’s mum (left, Kola and Abimbola Odebunmi

Though Toyin was not in any of the photos, her brother and mum were featured.
What more? Their family house in Ibadan, was venue of the event.
Dressed in a white agbada, Kola Ajeyemi tried to deceive fans and followers on social media by posting the photos he took with another beautiful lady who he later said was his sister.
Toyin Abraham’s brother(left) Abimbola Odebunmi, Toyin’s mum and Kola

But the lady, who he posed with is Mrs Abimbola Odebunmi, a businesswoman and mother of a set of quadruplets, whose husband is also a politician. Known for her generosity among Nigerian movie stars, she is like a godmother to Toyin and Kola wwho don’t cease to celebrate her on their social media handles.
However, the photos posted were those of the traditional/engagement ceremony held earlier in the year between Toyin and Kola.
“Toyin Abraham can never declare or feature she is married to actor Kola because there is a divorce case ongoing between her and estranged husband, Adeniyi Johnson. Publicly acknowledging so would amount to bigamy and that is a criminal offence in Nigeria.
“Also, Kola has denied any affair between them when he spoke negatively about bloggers some weeks ago. The man is confused and not a few believe Toyin isn’t proud of her relationship with him.
Odebunmi, Toyin’s mum and Kola

She’s also hiding her pregnancy from the public. Already, Toyin, who is abroad in preparation to have her baby, must have been joined by her husband, who shared a photo of being at the airport a few days ago,” a source told Kemi Ashefon.
Recall that the 35-year-old actress went into an ill-advised relationship with movie producer and suspected thief, Seun Egbegbe, after her marriage crashed.
Kola, her current man after the Lagos lawyer she dated allegedly dumped her, had taken to social media to write that he was not in any affair with anyone!
Recall that Kemiashefonlovehaven published exclusively some months ago that Toyin Abraham has found love again after her broken engagement with a Lagos lawyer.
Anyone conversant with Yoruba movies should be able to recognise actor, Kola Ajeyemi, who is always featuring as a tout in many movies produced in Abeokuta.
Kola Ajeyemi is one of the popular faces in the Abeokuta caucus of the Yoruba movie industry and a constant feature in Segun Ogungbe’s movies.
Odebunmi and Toyin’s brother

Recently, he posted on Instagram that bloggers should desist from rumour-mongering. He claimed not to be what people assumed him to be in Toyin’s life.
I strongly believe that ignorance is worst than illiteracy. When one is considered an illiterate there is still hope of learning and acquiring knowledge. On the other hand when one is ignorant, thinking they already know all but painfully, all they knew are so wrong and offpoint. FAKE BLOGGERS. It’s a very bad thing to publicly use peoples pictures and mentioning their names in your Wrong assumption. Sometimes it’s easy to get pissed off at these set of people but what I feel for them now is just a mere pity. Because the Bible said and I quote “ WOES TO THEE THAT SPOILEST, AND THOU WAST NOT SPOILED; AND DEALEST TREACHEROUSLY, AND THEY DEALT NOT TREACHEROUSLY WITH THEE. WHEN THOU SHALT CEASE TO SPOIL,THOU SHALT BE SPOILED; AND WHEN THOU SHALT MAKE AN END TO DEAL TREACHEROUSLY,THEY SHALL DEAL TREACHEROUSLY WITH THEE.(Isaiah 33:1) God said in his words…we should love one another,don’t do things that will pull down a fellow human down Mentally,emotionally and spiritually. My advice to those bloggers is…..Do your findings well before you send wrong informations (RUMORS ) to the general public.Stop posting my pictures and mentioning my names in your rumors if you don’t want God to destroy everything you have laboured for. How can you be so lazy in brain not to makes findings before spreading your dirty rumors? Fine!! There is freedom of speech but freedom after speech is not certain….let’s be guided,” he wrote.
Kola and others at the event
Kola and ‘sister’ Odebunmi

Surprising, both Kola and Toyin have been posting each other’s photos and videos on their handles with words of encouragement as captions. Last Wednesday, he shared a photo of Toyin and called her a very strong woman.