Rahama Sadau: Censorship Board Explains Why Her Embargo Was Lifted

Director-General of the Kano State Censorship Board, Isma’ila Afakallah has said that his board will henceforth censor films produced by the embattled Rahama Sadau actress or others where she featured following her public apology to the public.

The Motion Pictures Practitioners Association, MOPPAN, suspended Ms Sadau soon after her criticised music video in which she was accused of inappropriate dance and groping with the musician.

MAPPAN did not however issue any statement regarding the recall of the actress, but in an interview with the BBC Hausa Service on Wednesday, the board’s director general said having fulfilled the conditions of a sincere regret, her films will now be passing through the board’s scrutiny.

“She has apologised to the Emir of Kano, as the father of the people. She apologised to the state governor as the leader and she also apologised to the people of Kano as well as her colleagues in the film industry.
“In life, based on the teachings of Islam, when someone erred and later regretted his action, and especially if the conditions for that are fulfilled you accept it. And she did all these on radio.

“That is why the Censorship Board agrees to henceforth study and scrutinise her movies and those she featured in, because what we are after is correction (of behaviour).

“Since she has regretted her action, we have accepted her apology, on our part, and we would continue to review her films based on the standard benchmark,” Mr Afakallah said.

Asked on the criticisms trailing the operation of the board, the director general said such statements are baseless, reiterating that the state government has introduced guidelines and standards based on the teachings of Islam.