Opeyemi Aiyeola Advises Couples On Child Training

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Opeyemi Aiyeola-Owolomonse, has turned a
preacher of love. The mother of two boys, who lives in the United Kingdom with
her family, took to Instagram to preach against domestic violence and the need
to raise godly children.

She said, “LOVE
urself n others. Isn’t it so weird and very discouraging, the level and extent
which domestic violence and abuse have gone up in recent times? Rape, child
abuse, physical n emotional abuse, unlawful killing, to say the least? In a
society where obviously challenges abound here and there…bad as it may seem!
I have the strong belief and conviction that an average mind can still smile
again! Instead of seeing it from the pessimistic point of view, why can’t we be
hopeful of a better tomorrow??? why can’t we live a peaceful, united life, where
we will love and care for one another? 

Where the interest of your neighbour
should and would be our priority. It is often said, that the future of tomorrow
starts with building a strong successful society, and how do we do that? It is
simply by training up the child in the best way to go, its about catering for
the safety, interest and welfare of the African child. Much concentrtion should
be accorded towards building a good home, because a good home gives birth to a
good society…remember? charity begins at home…Stop Domestic violence? let’s
live a peaceful life? Be at peace with urself and above all LOVE  urself so u can LOVE others and respect the
human race. I Opeyemi Aiyeola Owolomonse LOVE myself n U. Happy new month in
advance.” (sic)