Olajumoke Celebrates One Year In ‘Wonderland’ Looking Gorgeous!

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In 2016, all 27-year-old Olajumoke Orisaguna wanted was a vocation that would fetch money to care for her six-year-old daughter who was in Iree, Osun State and the sickly one-year-old daughter she kept with her in Lagos. Her husband, Sunday, was jobless and stayed in Iree with their daughter.

She found succour in a wooden tray where she hawked and sold loaves of bread in Sabo Yaba Lagos. A bakery, where she was one of the bread-sellers was her home. They all slept on the floor.
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According to her, her prayer before and after ‘bed’ was: “God help me, have mercy on me and take this wooden tray of bread off my head. I don’t want to die a slave. Lord, lift me higher.”

Then, God heeded.

Quite amiable and humorous, looking at Olajumoke, it was very obvious God appears in the form of men to lift people from the dust and place among the princes.

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On a particular day in February 2016, the bread seller photo-bumped TY Bello’s photo shoot and Jumoke became a star!

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Fast-forward a year after on Sunday March 12, the Netng organised an evening to interact with Jumoke to know how life has been for her in ‘Wonderland’. In attendance was her husband, Sunday.
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