Of Linda Ikeji’s, Kim Kardashian’s Butts

 I wasn’t surprised when celebrity blogger,
Linda Ikeji, showed off her butt last Sunday in an Instagram post, saying, “
My butt be badder than yours! happy Sunday.” (sic)

Not surprisingly but expectedly, her sister, Laura Ikeji, also posted
picture of her butt (she wears a pair of jeans and clings to a friend) and also
said so in her post— her butt is big.

Good. These celibate sisters are showing off their sexuality and there is
absolutely nothing wrong, even if their pair of butts, when combined, cannot
match American’s reality show queen, Kim Kardashian West.

What’s about a woman’s butt?

 Whether robust, round, bouncy/perky butts,
many men find them attractive and you can imagine the mind of an average man
Kim Kardashian’s booty was shown naked on the

I would not lie, 80 per cent of women get jealous of Kim’s butt. Did they
get jealous of Linda’s last week? I would not know but she must have drawn a
lot of looks from horny men and a handful of women. Even if she’s celibate,
Linda sure knows how to make ‘success look sexy.’

To many men, an attractive butt has to do with its breadth and volume— a
woman is storing fat in all the right places. Truth is, if you have a big booty,
you are depicting fertility to the opposite sex.

According to Wikipedia,
there is more to butt than meets the eye and it has been an issue over a
thousand years ago.

“The female
buttocks have been a symbol of fertility and beauty since early human history.
Statues created as early as 24,000 BCE, such as the Venus of Willendorf, have exaggerated buttocks,
hips, and thighs. The erotic beauty of the female buttocks was important to the
, thought to have built such statues as Venus
(although only a possible Roman copy survives), that
emphasise the buttocks,” it explains.

 So, how can a woman’s butt cause
a stir?

Will keep you posted on what to