N100m Damages: Toke Replies Estranged Hubby On Lawsuit

22Popular on-air personality, Toke Makinwa in her recent Vlog series titled “Daddy issues”, opened up on a legal suit filed against her by Maje Ayida, her estranged husband.

Maje Ayida, has hired British lawyers to sue Toke Makinwa over her tell-all book ‘On Becoming’.

He declared the book is an “exaggerated fabrication.”

He has also asked her to stop the sales of the book and all forms of promotional activities.

According to Maje, it is untrue that he gave Toke Makinwa a Sexually Transmitted Disease in the past or at any stage in their relationship. It is also “highly misleading” for Toke’s book to allege that Maje “did not financially contribute adequately” to their marriage.

However, Toke, who is in London currently, said, “As you guys might have heard, there’s a lot going on in the news and the little that I have, let’s just hope I have it after a while.

“For all the people that reached out to me, my lawyers are on it.

“I don’t think you have anything to worry about, that’s all I’ll say. It is what it is. It’s going to be a very interesting year.

“I don’t believe in court of opinion and what is out there because people are going to have opinions regardless, so I have nothing to say about that.”