Man Utd Legend, Ryan Giggs Cheats On Wife, Marriage Crashes

days … Ryan in action for former Premier League champions Manchester United PA:Press

Giggs is the the most decorated player in football history. He has won 13
Premier League medals, four FA Cups, three League Cups, two Champions Leagues,
a World Club Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Uefa Super Cup and nine FA Community
Shields. He was the first player to win the PFA Young Player of the Year award
consecutively — in 1992 and 1993. 

was appointed player-coach at Manchester United in July 2013 under Sir Alex’s
Ferguson’s managerial successor David Moyes. 

Moyes was sacked in April 2014, Giggs took over as interim player-manager. 

Louis van Gaal became manager in May 2014, Giggs was made his assistant. 

was tipped to succeed Van Gaal but ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is now the

the snag is his marriage which is heading for the rocks. That is, if it had not

to The Sun UK, his wife, Stacey, 37, has discovered he is flirting with
waitresses  at his restaurant George’s.
This is aside from the affairs he had with TV’s Imogen Thomas and his brother’s
wife Natasha. 

Sun source revealed that Stacey and
United assistant manager Giggs split three months ago but kept it secret and
have both remained in the marital home.

source added: “Word got back to Stacey that Ryan had been flirting with some of
the waitresses at his restaurant George’s and she’s had enough.
 “At one stage she is said to have told him to
pack his bags and get out.
for the moment they both still seem to be living in the same house. She is
upset to say the least and feels very alone.”

said: “They have stayed in the house as it is so big and because of the
it is over and has been for some time. 
are not together anymore and it is definitely the case that Stacey wants to
divorce Ryan.”

42, is also said to have confided in pals: “It’s over for good.” Friends said
the couple tried to save their eight-year marriage after the revelation of his
affairs for the sake of their two children.

after months of soul-searching they decided to part.

source said: “Both Ryan and Stacey promised to make a fresh start and that’s
what they did. They became great friends again and were getting on really well.
wanted it to work for each other but also for their son and daughter who are
the most important thing in their lives.
both dote on the kids and made a real effort to get back on track. But about a
year ago it all started to cool a bit and the marriage has not recovered.
reality was that time hasn’t exactly proved a great healer.

Ryan with son, Zach
at Old Trafford after he collected his 12 Premier League winners

the early days, once the flak over Natasha and Imogen Thomas passed over, Ryan
and Stacey began building bridges and it looked really good for them. 

as bizarre as it sounds, once they were out of the limelight and things had
quietened down, their relationship started to struggle.
obviously has trust issues after what happened with the affairs and that caused
problems. And Ryan has now said to people he thinks the marriage is all over
and that there is no saving it.
has put a lot of effort into saving the marriage but now seems to have given
there had been too much water under the bridge.”
is said to have admitted during a chat at his restaurant that his marital
situation was grim. 

source said: “Someone at George’s asked him how things were going with Stacey.
He simply replied, ‘Not good, not good at all.’ It was obvious he didn’t want
to talk about it. 

other week one of Stacey’s relatives was on holiday with a friend and said,
‘It’s over. They’re separating’.”

one of Stacey’s brothers was asked about the split he said yesterday: “It’s not
something we want to talk about.”

is not thought Stacey has begun divorce proceedings yet. Giggs and Stacey’s
relationship began in 2002. Their daughter Liberty Beau was born the next year.
had son Zachary in 2006 and the next year Giggs and Stacey married.

behind the scenes he was having an affair with younger brother Rhodri’s wife
Natasha — and had been doing so since 2003.

Ryan, Natasha(brother’s wife) Rohdri

squeaky clean image was shattered in June 2011 when Natasha told of their
eight-year affair. Natasha revealed Giggs got her pregnant and gave her £500 in
cash for an abortion.
said: “I was to blame for what happened but I was at his beck and call.
went on for eight years and I learned to live with the lies and the guilt.”
the time of her revelation Giggs was being named online as the mystery
footballer who had an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas.
spent £150,000 on an injunction to gag Imogen and The Sun, before giving up his
anonymity in February 2012 after a lengthy legal battle. 
Ryan apologised to Rohdri for the first time over the affair in April 2015.