Love Of Money Made Me Commit Adultery—Omilola Oshikoya

Some women are very brave.

To write a book and explain how you committed adultery in the pursuit of riches must have taken a lot of guts and determination.


Though she has disclosed she was pushed by the Holy Ghost to write the book, you would conclude that she is bold.

Known as a wealth coach on social media, Omilola Oshikoya, who also organises the ‘Do It Afraid’ conference narrates in her new book, “The Richer Woman” the nasty and unguided adventure in wanting to be rich.

According to the now changed woman, who is now inspiring other women to remain faithful to their spouses, God has done a new work in her life.

She wrote:

“This book. When God asked me to write a book, I thought it was a generic book about Do It Afraid but then God began to redirect me. I was afraid about the things God was asking me to share and so I left it. Then one day I went to google to speak about finance and a lady who I don’t know and who doesn’t know anything about me (she wasn’t even a follower on social media) came up to me and said, “There is a book you are writing, God says you should speed it up. This book will save a lot of marriages. This book will speak specifically to young wives. A lot of young women are suffering in silence with no real teachers to guide them. This book will be birthed in Q1, 2017.” I knew this was God speaking and I decided to forget everything else and focus on writing this book. Then the devil began to attack me and my family. He began to attack my children and my household left right and centre; attacks which included surgery last week and a visit to the cardiologist yesterday. But every time an attack came, it was like God was giving me new strength and I would go and write for hours.

Today, I announce the book that has taken so much out of me, the book where I share details of my life. How I became consumed with the pursuit of money, how it almost destroyed my family & marriage, even leading me to commit adultery, and how I’ve now found the greatest gift of all, Jesus. I’ve found purpose and I’ve found true wealth. STAY TUNED FOR the book authored by the Holy Spirit and birthed by me: TheRicher™ Woman.
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Thank God for her transformed life.
So, what was the reaction from her spouse, Gbenga?

His wife shared a screenshot of his response:
lola oshikoya1

Omilola shared on the post: “Your glory alone LORD. Your glory. Take all of the glory Lord. This is the real MVP. The real hero after Jesus of course. I love you forever babe.”