Love Conquers: “Our Triplets Came 17 years After Wedding” (2)

Dr Dayo and Kehinde Olagunju were married for 17 years before God visited them with a set of triplets. In the first part of this story, at a point, the wife became frustrated and asked her husband to get another wife. What did he do?
 She said, “He just walked away without any answer.
Ironically, after a day or two, I would go back to God and tell Him that I was
not ready to let go. I would say if this was the last thing I would do on
earth, I must have my children.”
Her husband said, “Whenever she was in such moods I
didn’t mind her, neither did I show any anxiety and she even asked if I had a
child somewhere, what with my behaviour. Though it occurred to me that I could
end up not having kids, I made her realise that as an educationist, I have many
children and would always make an impact in their lives. I would not deny some
suggestions but I never heeded because marrying a second wife was not the
answer.  I never wanted any woman except
my wife to have my babies. We were two in this travail and getting another wife
was out of it. Maybe if we had not been delayed, our marriage would have been
dissolved. Maybe it was God’s way of solidifying our union.”

The triplets—a boy and two girls—were christened
after their parents’ challenge. The boy, who came first, is called Oluwawamiri
(God has found me) the second, a girl is called Oluwadara (God wrought wonders)
while the last is Oluwaseyitan (God did this). The babies came through assisted reproductive
technology such as the InVitro Fertilization.
explained that: “I had some fertility treatments and even assisted reproduction
but all failed. It was the last one, which my doctor forced me to have that God
approved. After the treatment, I thought the pregnancy test would be negative
as usual but it was positive. Again, I was awaiting my ‘after-three-month’
miscarriage. I took ill for a while and was admitted at the hospital. Everyone thought
it was malaria. On my part, I was always going to the ladies to check my
underwear for blood but none came. Then, the fourth month, the fifth, sixth and
then the 34th week when the babies came. Indeed, God is faithful.”

Their joy knew no end. The happy father said. “She
had the babies in Canada.  When she
called me that she had been delivered of them, I didn’t know what to say, I
just started making calls and sending text messages to friends and family
members that Kenny has been delivered of a set of triplet.”
The mother said. “I looked at them in the incubator
(they came 34 weeks and five days before the Expected Delivery Date) I now
realised that these are truly mine and I started crying. All the white doctors
and nurses, who performed the Caesarian Section, must have been moved by my
tears because they all cried too. I was happy. I had to start thanking God, who
intervened on my case. My twin sister’s first-born was already an undergraduate
in the university when I had my triplets. I had passed my 45th

The children
clocked six years on November 20, 2015.

The enthusiastic father said, “We were
suddenly transformed into celebrities. Religionists and traditionalists who had
believed, before that time, that my decision not to submit to any human agents
as having power to speak to God on our behalf were suddenly converted to using
our story to encourage their congregations. Many Christian publications culled
our story from newspapers under their testimony column without permission. Even
those who had used the late delivery of babies to humiliate my wife were some
of the earliest to change her name overnight; she immediately became “ìyá