Lionel Messi Taunted By Saudi Arabia Defender During World Cup Defeat (Video)

Saudi Arabia defender Ali Al-Bulayhi slapped Lionel Messi on the back and told him ‘You will not win’ after his side went 2-1 ahead against Argentina during their incredible victory. Saudi’s tails were up and they wanted to let Argentina know they meant business. Well, Al-Bulayhi did by letting Messi know they are the boss.

A footage has circulated the internet of the defender slapping Messi on the back when Saudi went 2-1 ahead. He then mutters a few words to the Paris Saint-Germain star, leaving Messi looking rather shocked. His Argentine teammates then came to his rescue.
After the match, Al-Bulayhi was asked what he said to arguably the greatest player of all time to which he replied: “I told him: you will not win, you will not win!”

Was he not saying the truth? See the video below: