Lepacious Bose Denies Any Intimate Affair With Owen Gee, Shares Latest Glam Photos,

Lepacious Bose has not only released new set of glam photos of her trim
self, she also took time to debunk rumours of any intimate affair with
comedian, Owen Gee.
Yesterday, May 23, 2016, Lepacious, whose name is Bose Ogunboye, had a
photo shoot with Owen Gee. Styled by Fabzonestyling which is owned by former
musician, Chichi of Africa, Bose posted the pictures on her IG. She also wrote
“First thing that came to my mind for the title of this shoot is #rumourhasit
a lot has been said about the closeness between these 2. What I can tell you for
free is, the closeness is real, the closeness is pure and their kindness is
pure as well. You can take that to the bank.”

Lepacious Bose shares same birthday with Owen Gee and some weeks ago
during their birthday celebrations, she organised a surprise party for him.
Meanwhile, the convener of the stylish photo shoot, Chichi of Africa also wrote about the two comedians and the fun the crew had:

So much to be said about this
shoot. It was a full day, with a tight schedule and the sweetest people to work
Lepacious Bose and Owen Gee cracked us up all day. When I
approached both of them for the shoot, they accepted without even thinking
about it. It was pleasant to work with them. I can’t thank you all enough. God
bless the works of your hands and your homes.”