Just Like Mr. Obama Let’s Love Family

Family supersedes career. It supersedes fame and money.
If the United States of America President Barack Obama
could not attend Muhammad Ali’s funeral two weeks ago because he wanted to be
at his daughter Malia’s high school graduation ceremony, nothing should stand
in the way of any man being caring and responsible for his family. Mr. Obama
and his wife Michelle were in Washington for their daughter’s graduation and
sent a letter to be read at Ali’s funeral in Louisville, Kentucky, instead.

career a spouse chooses is part of living and he/she wants to make a success of
it. But how many spouses know that success is measured by how you are able to
have a balance in all areas of your life? A successful career should also have
behind it, a successful home-front.  Mind
you, keeping a home is for both partners.  How to have an enviable home despite your
demanding careers?
Aisha Buhari and children

spouses must understand the nature of their work and learn to talk about it to
each other. If you are self-employed and running your own shop, allow your
spouse come over at his/her leisure and experience whatever makes you close
Governor Anambra State, Willie Obiano and family
Share your joys, sorrows, problems together and he/she should know your boss or
some of your colleagues. In all, there is need to plan out your time and give
space to each segment of your life.