It Wasn’t A Wedding Afterall! Juliet Ibrahim Debunks Wedding Rumours

After every blog has written all they needed to write about a ‘wedding’ between Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and her younger lover, Iceberg Slim, she came out to debunk any marriage ever took place.

In an Instagram post, curvy Juliet, who has unashamedly been making known her intimate liason with Iceberg wrote:

Wow! @iamicebergslim and I have received so many congratulatory messages and well wishes, we must say the love and support is unbelievable! However, we will like to inform the general public that we are not married yet. When we decide to go down that path together, we will certainly be the ones to let the world, our friends, family, supporters and fans know. The image circulating isn’t a court wedding photograph, it is a leaked behind-the-scenes image which was taken during a photoshoot for a new project, which we will soon unveil to the world. God bless everyone for the love and well wishes. I love you all. “