Is Lepacious Bose Struggling To Stay Slim?

The picture she posted two days ago
She sang a Kurt Carr song to encourage herself just a few minutes ago.
“ I Almost let go
I felt like I just couldn’t take life any more
My problems had me bound
Depression weighed me down
But God held me close
so I wouldn’t let go
God’s mercy kept me
so I wouldn’t let go
I almost gave up.
I was right at the edge of a break through
but couldn’t see it.
The devil really had me,
but Jesus came and grabbed me,
and He held me close,
so I wouldn’t let go.
God’s mercy kept me,
so I wouldn’t let go.
…….Thank you Lord for not giving up on me and for not allowing me to give up on
you. #ifonlytheyknowmystory #ifonlytheyknowthepainandtearsbehindthesmile

Transformed female comedian, Bose Ogunboye is determined to stay slim
even when she appears to be adding a bit of weight. She is now a motivational speaker to many women on weight loss. A fan accused her on Instagram that she is getting fat again two days
ago. She retorted and said he was part of those who made her get depressed and
became too fat!
don’t pay attention to such people dear. It was hateful and wicked words like
that that dropped me to depression in the first place and I took solace in
food. God has brought me this far, they can hurt me anymore,” Bose replied.
The post on IG  two days ago was:
“I may not be where I WANT TO BE YET but am
definitely NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!
Thank you Jehovah for always, for my journey, for the dark paths and your light
along the way. For your strength being made perfect in my weakness. For making
me an eternal excellency, making me an all day and everyday queen. …. my
crown may TILT but it has never dropped and will never DROP! Praise the Lord!
Though the fig tree may not blossom
Though the rivers run dry
Though the world around me crumble
Though I heave, and I sigh
I remember where my hope lies
Where my help comes from
If He can care about the sparrows
I  know He won’t FORGET ME!
So I lift up my eyes to the hills from where comes my help, my help comes from
the Lord, the Lord who made the heavens and the earth; he said he will not
allow my foot to be moved…….. Thank you for your strength is made perfect in
my weakness.
#Godhasmyback #Godismystrength #icandoallthingsthroughchrist
#amstrongerthanithought #amstrongerthanifeel #Godactivated.”