Ireti Osayemi’s Husband Denies Marriage Crash…”My Wife’s Still At Home”

If Bakare Adeoye’s claims are genuine, then, Nollywood actress should be back to the warm embrace of her husband of 10 years.
Lately, the 10-year-old marriage suffered a setback when Ireti allegedly separated from her husband, Bakare Adeoye aka Bakky.
But Adeoye said in an interview his wife still lives with him.

Kemiashefonlovehaven exclusively reported that Ireti, for many months, had moved out of the marriage and her home. She was alleged to be currently enjoying the favour of an Ilaro, Ogun State-based businessman who spoils her silly with luxuries and gifts.Before Bakky’s claims, all entreaties to bring Ireti, a mother of two, back to her matrimonial home fell on deaf ears.

“There’s no misunderstanding that can’t be handled domestically and privately. My wife is still at home,” Adeoye opened up to Global Excellence.

Despite the fact that friends and close relatives revealed that the marriage has crashed, Ireti Osayemi’s husband reiterated, “The story is false and has no iota of truth. We’re still married.”

His wife has neither debunked it nor posted anything on social media to validate what her husband claimed.
The couple’s last outing was about three weeks ago when Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa had a party to mark her father’s burial.
Dayo, who is said to be a mutual friend of the couple shared a photo she took with the two of them on her Instagram handle and referred to them as, “Mr & Mrs Bakare.”

Ireti Osayemi, her husband, Bakky and Dayo Amusa at the party

However, Ireti neither ‘Liked’ the photo nor made any comment.