I Can Never Turn My Back On John Fashanu—Rachel Bakam

Actress and TV host, Rachel Bakam is in the eye of the storm currently over misconstrued notion on her relationship with ex footballer, John Fashanu. In this interview with Kemiashefonlovehaven, she clears the air on her marital status and that of the footballer. She also debunked news that she left Fashanu in time of trouble

Was it true that your reaction was linked to John’s arrest? Was your denial of any ‘marriage’ to deny him?

The publication was not mine alone. John and I agreed to do it. In Public Relations, we bring out another story that will trend to douse out another. So I actually put out my neck to salvage my friend’s image which was treated unfairly in the news. Yes, we were meaning to make a publication about not being married before the land matter came up to clear my family’s concern on whether I got married without informing them but we decided to release the one on not being married now when the land arrest news began to trend. We released it to distract people from the misleading news on the land matter. Yes, John was invited but not arrested and he was cleared of all charges. The news made it seem as if he was guilty. He wasn’t. I don’t turn my back on a friend because he is going through challenges. Those who know me know that. I am renowned for standing with people who are facing many challenges. I believe friendship is about standing strong for each other. Infact, my friends and family scold me on that. I don’t look at the present circumstances, rather the future. If you remember, I became very close friends with John two years ago when the whole world was throwing stones at him during the Internet feud between he and his ex. I was widely criticised because I always had him on my TV programmes, for free because I could see the light in him even though many thought otherwise then. People even complained that I was showing too much of him. Some sponsors too, and I lost some deals then because of that but I persisted. With time, people’s love for him rekindled so why should I deny him now over a land feud which is even baseless? No, my publication wasn’t linked to his arrest. We have been friends for a while now.

Do you need to release a press statement that you were not married to John?

As I reiterated above, it was purely to clear the notion that we were married and to distract the public from the misleading land news. I am a virgo. John is a virgo. We are loyal to a fault. So we have the capacity to stand with our friends through hell and fire. Virgos are also renowned for standing for justice so we are defensive of ourselves and loved ones. We go the extra mile to do that. Our publication was also to clear the air on our marital status for the benefit of respecting Nigerian culture and tradition plus family values which require that you don’t go off and marry without informing family members and also so that if in the future John and I marry others, the public will not be confused. Finally but very important too, so as to clear the air with sponsors and intending sponsors of our brands. Our status is also significant to them.
Is there any form of pressure on you?
A little. The only pressure at the moment is that of friends and fans reaction to our publication. In a nutshell, they are all saying that John and I look great together and should be married. For us, marriage is very sensitive and must be thoroughly considered before stepping in. You can get along very well as friends or even in a relationship but it may be a different situation when married. All these factors must be taken into consideration carefully. Yes the public like us together but at the end of the day, it’s between he and I. How do we flow best? As friends, partners or married? It’s our decision to make. This situation has further buttressed the fact that no condition is permanent. Our close friendship was criticised at the beginning, now majority is endorsing it because of how steadfast we have been together over the years.

Or your ex is after the both of you?

Not at all. My ex has been a gentleman and doesn’t interfere at all. There’s alot of respect between us. We are really cordial.

What is John’s reaction to the press statement?

John is very pleased with me and appreciative that I can stand up for him in a way that puts my own neck out for criticism just to salvage a situation that concerns him. I know he will do same for me if the tables turn. John is loyal. I am loyal too. Contrary to what some people think, we are not stressed from any publications. We only practically and calmly find ways to rectify wrong notions publicly if necessary when we owe that to our image, brands, fans, family and sponsors. Finally I say a big thank you to family, friends and fans for the immerse support.