Ibidun Ighodalo Celebrates Same Birthday With Daughter…. “You Came And Silenced All Naysayers”

For a mother, its a joyful ‘divine arrangement’ when you share same birthday with a precious child.

Ibidun Ighodalo
Yes, Keke is precious to Ibidun Ituah-Ighodalo and July 19 remains special to them.

It was also time for Ibidun to celebrate her brother-in-law, Asue Ighodalo whose birthday falls on July 19.

She writes: Ibidun Ighodalo (2)

“July 19 the best day God created ….#myown #oniseiyanu?
Where do I start from ?

Happy birthday to my senior husband with a heart of gold…. touching everyone you come across positively…. it is truly a privilege to share the same birthday with you hubstar, my twin, my rock, my support system, my everything❤❤❤ I pray that my Good God will show up for you when you need him now and ever more. love you my twin, my protector, my own best dad to @omoehii and awesome husband to @ifeyinwaighodalo
Happy birthday to my own, my baby, my princess, the one who lights up my world, the one whose smiles and makes me know everything is just alright, the one who God has blessed me with, my star, my everything….. where do I start thanking God from??? My miracle worker , my promise keeper …From before time began He destined you and I to be born on the same day , name sake and He did it in such a breathtaking way. My God is THE master planner….. You came and silenced all the naysayers #MySilencer … #OurBlood the one God miraculously brought forth for us….keke you have brought nothing but joy to my life and I couldn’t have asked God for a better daughter! You energy so out of this world. No one can keep up with you ???Brilliant, beautiful, witty, charming, delightful, you are everything and more that I could ever wish for my darling and I pray that God Himself will raise you to be a woman of excellence and virtue. You are my sign and my wonder and I bless God for you every waking moment. Have a day as fabulous as you my darling. Mummy loves you fiercely. ❤ #Triplets #BirthdayMates #Hubby #Daughter #MyPrideAndJoy #BirthdayBehaviours #TheIghodalos
.” (sic)