I Would Do Anything To Please My Wife— Ali Nuhu

remains one of the most sought-after Nollywood Hausa actors in Africa. Handsome, calm and very talented, Gombe-born Ali  Nuhu is a delight to


Based in Kano, his
handsome face has featured in many Hausa and English films and he is one of the
most celebrated stars of the Hausa movie world.


Happily married to
Maimuna Garba Ja Abdulkadir, they are with two kids, Fatima and Ahmad.

Currently, he and
his family are on a vacation in Turkey.

Speaking to
kemiashefonlovehaven, he spoke of his blissful marriage:

“I am happily
married and I have two kids. My wife is quite beautiful and I would do anything
to please her. I even give my scripts to her and anything she would not like, I
would not do on set,” he said.
Is he saying he would not kiss or touch a woman on set
just because his wife would not approve?

Ahmad enjoying his vacation

His response: “Though she is Hausa and a devout Moslem,
she is liberal and believes my profession is important. Oftentimes, my roles on
set could have to do with women and she would not object to kisses or hugs.
Romantic scenes are allowed but there is a limit.”

But his religion, Islam, forbids it. “I am a
professional actor and as long as what I am doing on set is not sinful, my
religion would not frown upon it.
  A lot
of Nigerians mistake your roles on television or films as the real you. They
have forgotten that your real you is different from the actor in you.
  I could dress scantily on set but would not
do that in real life.”
Asked Ali Nuhu if his wife gets jealous over his female
fans and he replied that: “Naturally, women are jealous and could get
possessive over their husbands. I feel for wives of actors when female fans
flock around them for photographs, autographs or make calls even late in the
night. Naturally, my wife is not a jealous person but there was a time some
rumour-mongers were all over town saying I was dating an Hausa actress. After
an event, I gave the lady a lift and my wife saw us together. She was not angry
but she cautioned me to stop being seen with that girl because people could
mistake our intentions.”
At this juncture, he highlighted challenges of being a
fine-faced actor: “There are numerous female fans who would call endlessly.
Some would even ask you if you were married or still single. I would proudly
say that I am happily married but there are some stubborn women who would
continue beeping and making nonsense calls. When I could not control it, I got
software that helps blacklist some numbers from my hand-set. What the device
does is that any number I don’t want to answer would come in as unknown and
would not ring. The phone would just beep.”

A doting dad

Attesting that Kano
movie industry is getting more vibrant daily, Nuhu said their audience is not
only northern based. “From Abuja to the East and neighbouring African
countries, we are watched and our stars celebrated. In a year, we have produced
over a thousand films. We are doing well in the market and we are set to do


Beautiful family