I Saw My Husband Sleeping With Another Woman

am in my late 30s, married to a man in his early 50s, who is a divorcee with
five children. Two years into the marriage, I could not conceive due to
fibroids but God intervened and I now have a set of twins. Before conception,
he complained about my stubbornness and there was a day I found him making love
to another woman in our matrimonial bed! 
I fainted, developed heart problems
and had to be flown abroad due to complications. I became a laughing stock in
the  neighbourhood because they thought
the marriage would not last. That day, my love for him died. Even after the
arrival of  the twins, he still runs
after girls but he has stopped bringing them home. 
I lack nothing money can buy
and he gives me anything I want but I can not forgive him. The memory just
refused to go! I have decided to pay him back when in his late 60s or early 70s
by sleeping with his friends and driver even to his knowledge. I don’t care if
he develops stroke or even sidelines me in his will. I have a house built in my
name courtesy of him and I know whatever he gives his children belongs to me. I
want him to feel the pains I went through. Or am I asking for too much?

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