I Lost Pregnancies, Had Miscarriages, Lost Babies But…—Lola Kassim

A stylish lady with a clothing store in Ibadan, Lola Kassim had every
cause to be joyful. Yesterday, June 8, she had a baby in Texas, US and from the
delivery room, she started singing. Wondering why? She gave her brief
testimony which she shared on Instagram recently:

After delivery

“I had one
miscarriage at 3 months.
One stillbirth at 28 weeks,
another preterm baby at 28 weeks
that died exactly a week after and then. Here comes this very healthy baby
afterwards, all within a short period of 3years. Later, I would tell you how I
have been pregnant everyday of my life in the past two years. How I have
watched every other woman have a baby after a pregnancy and how I never went
home with mine! God, I am super grateful,” she said.

The new bundle of joy

She then posted a prayer, “For all of those who are
looking up to God…there shall be no more losses…pray until something good
Kemiashefonlovehaven wishes her the best