I Dated Guy Whose Father Didn’t Allow Him Marry Me—Cossy Orjiakor

For dancer and actress, Cossy Orjiakor, she’s yet to come across a man that will father her kids. And wait for this, marriage doesn’t scare her. Her only worry, however, is if her marriage will last more than a month.
Reasons? Find out in this exclusive interview

Recently, you lost your mom and you did an emotional post on social media. How close were you to her and what will you miss most about her?
Yeah… I lost my mom recently but I have not been able to actually mourn her. It is something I wish would go away because you can’t really bear the loss of a mom. I have not been able to mourn her and I don’t think I will be able to mourn her, because it is still so surreal; you won’t understand.
Oh, sorry about that. What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?
I can’t remember. My everyday life is like a crazy roller coaster. It is just fun, fun and more fun. You know, life is too short to live a boring life. So, it is good to live the life now so that when you get old and you look back, you will be like ‘oh, back then, I did this and that’ instead of ‘oh, I didn’t do this and that because of this and that person’. Everybody is going to get old; everybody is going to die someday, so why give a f**k about what people are going to say and because of that live a boring life? Why not just live your damn crazy life? No, that kind of (boring) life is not for me.
Your massive boobs are your selling points. What advice do you have for women who want to get bigger boobs like you and what tips can you give for firming up big boobs?
My boobs are natural so I don’t really know. But for those who want to get bigger boobs, my dear, if that is what you really want, just go ahead and get it. You can always go for breast enlargement. You see, eventually everything is going to dry up and wrinkle, so have fun. If you want bigger boobs, go for them. As for my boobs and **s, I always use oil or Vaseline on them, and I also use ori (Shea butter). Talking about firming up my boobs. I have this exercise I do, it is called booby trap. I shouldn’t be talking about this here but it is more like an exercise. You use your cleavage to grab things and hold them for a while. It helps to firm you up (laughter)
Medical experts say large boobs like yours can cause chronic backache. What has been your experience? Have you ever considered breast reduction surgery?
Yeah… it actually causes lots of backache, and when you wear those bras carrying these heavy things… I don’t know. After (having) a baby, I might reduce or might enlarge. You never can tell. Reducing will involve tearing of the skin and joining it back and it scares me, and that is why I would rather enlarge, you know (laughter).
Who is the guy in your life right now and how is he coping with your roller-coaster lifestyle?
Biko, which of the guys in my life do you want me to talk about? I am single but I am not searching. Sometimes, all this marriage thing… hmm, I don’t want to be caged, I don’t want to lose my identity. It is not easy to see a guy that will stand for what I stand for; that is going to be hard. I get a lot of proposals but I am just taking my time. I don’t want to lose my freedom because I want to have a baby (laughter), not yet.
Are you scared of marriage?

I am not scared of marriage. However, if it is somebody that is crazy enough to like someone like me; that would be great! But then, I am not that kind of person that is really into the love thing. I cut-off easily, so I don’t know if I get married it is going to last a month, unless the guy is f**king crazy and good to go.
There was a time I had a boyfriend. I was cool with this dude and he wasn’t even giving me plenty money and all that. One day, a man just came into the house and was like ‘oh, this girl? You will not marry her-o’. I was angry and was like ‘who the hell wants to marry your son?’

Could you describe your ideal man and what it would take to win your heart?

I always guard my heart and that is why I try not to love immediately. Before I get to love a guy, I try to find out something about him that will appeal to me so that when he f**ks up, I will just focus on the negative things about him and get over him quickly. I am a very romantic person. It doesn’t really take much for me to fall in love with a guy if I like his looks and he is straightforward and respects me including what I stand for. You should also be able to hold your side and pamper me (laughter).
SOURCE: Sunnewsonline.com