a popular Yoruba actress, is the daughter of the late actress, Funmi Martins.
Married to producer/actor, Afeez Abiodun, she opened up in this interview on why
she would never have a joint account with her husband, Afeez Abiodun.

the stunning
actress explained:

Money is powerful and if you are not
careful, it can separate two persons. Money is so powerful that you realise you
are quarrelling with those you claim to love because of it. In my own opinion,
I think its better we operate our different accounts but that does not mean if
he needs my help, I won’t give it to him or he won’t be there for me when the
need arises.”
For over 13 years, they have been married (but not without hiccups) when
asked what the initial attraction to each other was, Mide and Afeez responded:
 Mide: He is a reliable person. He is
faithful, caring and has a good heart plus the fact that he is very easy-going.
All of these appealed to me and I reasoned that I should give him a chance in
my life.
Afeez: My wife is beautiful and I realised
that she is a simple person who has got a good head on her shoulders.

Funmi and Afeez


how they have managed to handle their huge fan following without jealousy and
she said: 

I am a
straightforward person and so is he. We both don’t hide things from each other.
If a fan makes amorous advances at me, I tell him and vice versa. It’s
something we both discuss and we laugh over it. It’s normal for him to have
female fans and it’s normal that I get jealous once in a while because I love
my husband. The most important factor is trust between a couple and that we
have in abundance.

Does Afeez
give you preferential treatments on location? She said:
He treats me
just like every other person— no preferential treatment whatsoever. If I get my
lines wrong or act out of character, he would admonish me the same way he would
admonish any other actor on set. The good thing is that my husband is not a
harsh man and he corrects politely. We never quarrel or have arguments on set.

 After any quarrel,
who apologises first? Mide responded:
“You know
women tend to be stubborn even when they are wrong. We prefer our husbands to
come to us and when your husband loves you, he will overlook everything because
he sees you as his pet. Most of the time, my husband is the first to apologise
because I like to be petted.”

Stunning Funmi in Yellow

How does she
apologise to him? She explained
“When I am
really at fault and have no choice but to apologise, I address him using his
panegyrics. I am like his mother and I know how to calm him down.
Their pet
names for each other?
Afeez: I call her Ajoke
Mide: I call him Amoo.

Is Afeez
very romantic? Mide replied:
“I can’t be
telling you all these things because it would seem as if I am hyping him on the
pages of newspapers. In his own way, he is romantic and that is okay with me
and that is what matters most.

How do you
celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries?
Afeez: We lodge in a hotel without the
children just to be with ourselves.

For over 13
years, you have been together, what is the secret?
Afeez: It is not because we know it all or
that we are a perfect couple. We could not have come this far without His
grace. It’s really not easy combining the job of an entertainer with marriage.
Mide: It is a tough call especially as I
have two children and I have to be there for them as well as my husband. At the
same time, I have to do my job. Anytime I am on location in Lagos, I make sure
I go home every night no matter how far the place is from my house and the same
thing applies to my husband. I love taking care of my children. If I had the
choice; I would be a full-time housewife.
Funmi, Afeez and their kids

advise couples.
It is good
to be patient because not all that glitters is gold and our marriage has been a
success because I practised patience. When we started, things were not as
smooth as I wanted it to be but I was patient with him. We had our good and bad
times but it’s necessary that you remain calm during the bad times.