is famous, pretty and rakes in millions. Her mansion in a choice area makes you
go green with envy. It can make your feet stumble and saliva dry up whenever
you want to talk to her.
are 10 steps to make her want you:

 No matter
how rich, famous or hard a woman looks, her anatomy is female. If you are lucky
to come across her at any event, make her realise you are interested in her. Lock
eyes with her and release a smile from wherever you are seated/standing. Say ‘hi’
once and don’t walk up to her again.


Linda Ikeji says she is celibate. So, don’t be
the guy who touches at every opportunity.  Carefully avoid any form of physical contact
with her. That way, she sees you as a great guy. Then, take a step further and
start showing interest in what she does—how she manages her time (blogging is
taxing! Show interest in when and what she eats) how she keeps fit despite the
stress of staying glued to the laptop/phone all day and what her hobbies are.
Women love men who show interest in what they do.

Successful women also love guys who play hard-to-get. Try
it. Don’t overwhelm her with your love or romantic gestures! Let her know you
like her, wants to date her but you have your own space. Don’t inundate Linda
with calls! She is too busy. Know her leisure time (Laura Ikeji can help with
that).  Send a text message (just
checking on you, how are you faring? ..bla bla)

Please don’t ‘form.’  I mean, be yourself. Linda is a multi-millionaire,
so why should any man start boasting about his ‘assets,’ when she had already
acquired those things 24 months ago? If you are chanced to be at her Banana
Island home, admire, pay compliments but don’t start showing off what you also
have at home.

Let her know you want her for who she is—pretty,
sexy, enterprising, strong, a good fighter and one who doesn’t hop in any man’s bed.
Let her know you respect her, her intellect and business sense. But never ask
for ‘financial help’.  Even if you are
poor, never ask her for money.
This is a very sensitive approach and you have to be careful—Linda
is smart! Don’t ask her to start telling you about the men she had dated or who
dumped her. Even when she does without the asking, don’t turn it to a research
project! You also have your past. You should be interested in winning her heart
and making her forget whatever hurt her.

Get close to her siblings. They know her more and when they
realise you are a great guy, they will help put in a word for you… ‘Sis, don’t
you think you should give Mr.XX a chance?’ they will tell her during family
Be patient. Only patient men can end up walking a very rich
woman down the aisle. Don’t be troubled by the men calling her for business
transactions, or who pay a visit to her office. Part of being a committed partner
(which Linda craves for) is letting sleeping dogs lie. Never mix her business with
your pleasure. Bloggers are addicted to their phones/other devices and you must
not see those as rivals.
Be a shoulder to cry on. It’s a mean world and anyone would
do or say anything to hurt her—out of jealousy or based on actions she took on her
principles—but you have to give her a soft-landing. Assure her it’s a phase, it
will pass away. “Don’t upset yourself over xxxx issues(s)’ you must keep
telling her.

sharing thoughts on how you want your future home/family to look like. Borrow a
cue from Mercy Johnson’s husband, Odi. Mercy recalled how he succeeded in
walking her down the aisle:
“During a conversation he suggested that we took our relationship to the
next level. While we dated, I knew we would get married because he became a
part of my life and we were very passionate about each other. One day, we were
at a wedding, Odi said, ‘I think our wedding cake should have a tint of this
colour.’ He must have forgotten but it stuck and I am glad that he hinted.”