“How My Wedding Ruined My Life” (Love Story)


The wedding was
much talked about. They had over 3000 guests. Though it was not a destination
wedding, they had the pre-wedding photo shoot in Dubai and the wedding was all
over the media. Almost every home with a television saw the ceremony because it
was beamed live.
They had prepared for nine months and none of them was
surprised at the success. The couple was happy especially with the gifts which
they got— two rooms were not enough for these.
As expected, the couple went on honeymoon somewhere in
the Caribbean. Life was good and the couple enjoyed every bit of their honeymoon.
Then, they were left to live their new lives.
He resumed to his workplace two weeks after. “Congrats,
Mr. Muda,” everyone greeted him. He smiled as everyone talked about the society
wedding he had and his beautiful bride.
Two days after resumption, he got a transfer letter to
another branch of the bank he worked. He knew this was the beginning of his
doom because such transfer was equal to demotion.
He was sacked two months after.
“I can’t be paying the service charge and cooking with
my money,” his wife complained.
“You know I am broke. I have spent all my savings on
the wedding and you have to help me since I lost my job,” he retorted.
“I didn’t tell you to spend any money,” she said and
walked away.
He rushed after her angrily. “So, you can tell me you
didn’t tell me to spend money? What about the N3m you collected for the event
planner? The N500k you insisted on paying the guy who brought my suit from the
U.K? The 300k your family insisted on as your bride-price nko? What happened to
the N700k you used to shop for your parents and siblings’ attire? Who collected
all those from me?”
As he talked, the landlord’s call came through.
“Mr. Muda, my agent said you have not paid the money to
his account. Please do before the day runs out,” the man said on the phone.
“How on earth will I get N1.3m to pay rent now?” He
asked his wife.
“Maybe you ask from your friends,” she said.
“They would not loan me that money because they
believed I overspent for that wedding,” Muda said.
“Overspent? That’s not true because my parents expected
more from you,” his wife said.
“More from me? Do they want me to steal?”
“You told me you were up to it when I said I wanted a
society wedding,” the wife said.
To be continued.