How My Estranged Hubby, Yomi Folawiyo Lived a Life of Debts—Bimbo

Bimbo Folawiyo

The couple had decided to wash their dirty linens in public
and the media is agog with the news. It started in May 2016 with a cry from Yomi
Folawiyo, who is the son of late Baba Adinni of Nigeria, Alhaji Wahab Iyanda
Folawiyo. Yomi is also the Chief Operating Officer of Folawiyo Group.

Yomi Folawiyo

He said his life was threatened and he had to run.
Rumours filtered but none could pin-point what led to the crash of the 5-year-old
relationship that seemed to be made-in-heaven and produced a child.
However, Bimbo, a beauty entrepreneur, who is married to
Yomi, is a niece to prominent politician, Buruji Kashamu. Tall, pretty and
flawless, Bimbo cannot be ignored in a crowd.


She granted CITY PEOPLE magazine an interview recently and revealed what led to the crash of their union. Setting the records
straight, she revealed that she had moved out of her matrimonial home two weeks
ago while her husband moved out many months ago.
had said in an interview with another magazine he gave his wife substantial
amount of money, paid her shop rents and bought a car worth N6million for her.
Bimbo debunked this—she never married him because of his father’s wealth.
said,”Lots of people say that I got married to him because of the money. I
don’t understand why people will think like that. I am also from a very rich
family. Money is not a problem in the family I come from. All that I achieved
today is as a result of my father’s efforts, my mother and my uncle, Buruji
Kashamu, all assisted me in business. Yomi can never say that he had assisted
me in business. It is whatever he brings home that we manage, as his wife. It
is not like he has a company or his own personal house. He works in his father,
company. It is not like I have access to anything directly from him. It is not
like I can walk into their company and say that I want this.”

she dwelled on the fact that her estranged husband was a debtor and had told
terrible lies about her in the process of obtaining loans. She recalled: “An
instance was when he took loan from one Mr. Femi Ajayi three years ago and he
refused to pay back. Mr. Femi called me when I was in Dubai with my two
daughters sympathising with me that I lost my daughters. His statement was
“Epele Aunty,Emabinu pe mi pe yin , epele ti awon omo yin to ku“(Sorry, aunty,
I leant you lost your daughters).I was mad and he said, Uncle Yomi borrowed
money from him stating that we lost our daughters and needed money to buy
caskets. I told him my daughters are not dead and I will never bury my
daughters in Jesus name. He explained further. 

I got so scared. I was
inside the Emirate Mall in Dubai when I received the call. Funny enough,
we all came to Dubai with Yomi and I told my first daughter to speak with the
Uncle Femi and she spoke to him saying, ’Hello Uncle.’ Femi was shocked and he
said how somebody could tell lies about his children. I told him we were in
Dubai together that I would talk to my husband when I get back to the hotel
since I was sure he won’t tell him something like that. I was bitter and
couldn’t shop again. I met Yomi in the bathroom and told him I want to see him.
I asked if he took any loan from Mr. Femi Ajayi and he said, yes.

Explaining who the Femi was to the family, Bimbo said, “Mr. Femi is like a
junior friend of his (Yomi). He is one of those money-changers that hang around
parties. I don’t know how they came around been friends. He usually calls me
when Yomi takes a loan from him and he is not ready to pay. He confirmed that
he collected loan from him. I also asked why he lied that my two daughters are
late. How could you say that as a father and he said to me, `I am sorry.’ He
tried to explain but I was angry. I walked out of the hotel room with my kids
and I didn’t go back to the hotel room until late at night when I was calm.
Even though I got over it before we left Dubai, that can’t be erased from my
mind. It is something that I think about when we are happy together, when we
are cuddling, laughing, it keeps flashing to my mind. If he thinks I am lying,
let him prove me wrong. He is not the only person he owes. He is obviously
going to deny it.
I am ready with proof. I believe everyman should take care of his children and
wife. You are supposed to bring money for the kid’s welfare and how you get
that is not the wife’s business since you are working. I know you as somebody
working and not somebody living on a loan.”
Folawiyo has not responded to all she said.